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Welcome to the official Unappreciated Masterpieces webpage! HAHA! Your webmaster is Bartek, co-host of the hit podcast Spit and Polish Presents alongside other host Ryan. I've made this little corner of the internet as a sort of directory for our now concluded primary podcast Unappreciated Masterpieces.

Most basically, they are theatrically released films. BUT - are they Bad films? Crap films? Forgotten or perhaps Underrated films?

NO BAD. NO CRAP. Those last two are very much on the mark though. The films that we deem "unappreciated" are those films that you may have heard of once - you may have even seen them yourself, or recall their posters, trailers or marketing campaigns - but where are they now? Sure, you or your children's childhoods may have once been all about the 2002 film Scooby-Doo. You may remember deciding to go see Year One in 2009 with some friends, or laughed at all the memes spawned from that one scene in 2009's Race To Witch Mountain - but nobody ever talks about those films anymore. Whether you thought were good, bad, interesting or unremarkable, society in general does not think about them anymore. THOSE are the types of films that we do on the show. We watch and think about them, then we come together (most times with a guest) and record a feature length audio-commentary track about why these films, which we call "Unappreciated Masterpieces", are amongst the greatest films that have ever been made. We discuss what the film is about, why it isn't appreciated, and what about them makes them worthy of appreciation.

Below is a link to the list of films we have done on our show, in the order we have recorded and released them. They are linked to their own special page, where some sweet details are provided.

List of Unappreciated Masterpieces.

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